Keep It Green!


The Celebrate Mansfield Festival is a low-waste event. With guidance from the Town of Mansfield's Recycling Coordinator, we strive to reduce the amount of trash generated during the day and to divert as much waste as possible to recycling and composting. 

Here's how you can help:

Our participants help by having activities that create little or no waste or use recyclable and compostable materials. Activities such as storytelling, guessing games, learning karate, balance tests, hula-hooping, and jump-roping are all fun and create no waste!

Our Food Vendors help by serving their treats on compostable plates and bowls, with compostable utensils, and with either recyclable or compostable cups supplied by the Festival.

Our volunteers play an important role in reaching our low-waste goals by staffing waste stations throughout the Festival site and helping visitors to sort their waste properly into trash, recycling, and composting receptacles.

Contact us today if you are interested in volunteering with our low-waste efforts!


Visitors to the Festival help by sorting their trash into the proper containers.

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